17 Years of Offering a Hand Up to San Diego’s Military Families  


Donations Needed for our Military Families

Donation Items Needed

  • Volunteers Needed! YOU can help!
    Homefront San Diego is in need of volunteers (especially in the north County area) to assist in delivery of furniture for our military families in need. It doesn't matter how much or how little time you can offer. Every bit helps get needed items delivered to the families who give us so much.

    Please contact us by calling our hot-line at 760-392-1551 and let us know you would like to volunteer to help with furniture pickup and/or delivery. One of our coordinators will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for helping us thank those who serve our country.
  • Household furniture
    Homefront San Diego is in need of household furniture for our military families in need. We often find that our military families come from other states (or countries) where housing is furnished and they simply arrive with just their clothing and personal items. When we receive a call for “furniture help”, it is usually with a bit of desperation, so we attempt to deliver basic furniture as quickly as possible. We can accept, and will schedule pickups for, furniture in good condition, such as couches (sectional, loveseat), sofa chairs, recliners, kitchen/DR tables & chairs, flat-screen TV's, dressers of all types. We cannot schedule pickups for the following items, but will accept coffee tables, end tables, child's dressers, night stands, ottomans, wicker chairs, rocking chairs, TV stands, small mirrors and lamps if they are available during a scheduled pickup.

 We have some difficulty placing desks, armoires, computer desks, hutches, buffets, bookcases, filing cabinets, cathode-ray TV’s, large floor mirrors, office chairs and entertainment centers, as most military housing will not easily accommodate large furniture, requiring us to put these items in our limited storage space, so we are declining them. In addition, with the limited work/storage space and a limited staff, have decided to decline offers for items which require assembly of parts or are subject to breakdown with age and continued use, so we are also declining washers/dryers and bed frames. Due to regulatory requirements, we do not accept used mattresses.  We have decided to concentrate on basic furniture items, which can generally be picked up and delivered quickly, allowing us to serve a maximum number of service families. Once you have offered a suitable donation, our Furniture Volunteers will keep in touch to schedule a pickup. Your tax receipt will be provided during the pick-up of your donation.

Please be sure that your donation is in good, useable condition; clean, not torn or broken, or with missing parts, ie. "fit for a hero". Most of our families have small children and we are sensitive to the family’s need for clean and suitable furniture. We cannot, and we do not expect receiving families to, clean, repair or “rehabilitate” furniture we deliver, nor do we have the time or facilities to do so. Our pickup volunteers have been instructed to “politely decline” any items that do not meet our standards. We hope you understand.

DONATE A SERVICEABLE CAR to Homefront San Diego, and receive a tax deduction. Because the Navy League is a 501 (c) 3 and we do not sell or auction the vehicles, but turn them over directly to a receiving family, your donation is tax deductable at the full blue book value.

Homefront San Diego coordinates the donation of automobiles to deserving military families. These cars come from citizens who generously wish to recognize members of the United States military services, and their families for the tremendous sacrifices they’ve made by defending our country.

Generally we are looking for cars, vans and SUV’s with less than 150,000 miles on them with a vintage of 15 years or less. They should have either 4 or 6 cylinder engines (because of the high gas consumption on V-8 engines), and be in fairly good condition.

Homefront arranges for these cars to receive a complete safety, mechanical and electrical inspection and with the help of the Navy League have any necessary repairs performed. A member of a pre-qualified military family (with a rank of E5 or less) is then given all necessary paperwork and sent to the DMV where title to the vehicle is transferred into their name!

If you would like to donate a vehicle to Homefront San Diego, please call the Homefront San Diego Hotline at (760) -392-1551. If you are a military family in need of a vehicle please call the Homefront San Diego Hotline at (760) -392-1551

  • Computers
    Homefront San Diego is in need of your not-so-new, but still workable, computers and monitors. As you know, email is the preferred method of communication between a family and their deployed soldier, and many spouses also find them valuable for taking classes. You can call our hotline at (760) -392-1551 and we’ll open a case file for your donation.

    We'll accept Apple (Mac) and Windows (Microsoft) working computers, both desktops and laptops. All systems must have valid operating system licenses as all of our donated computers are refurbished by inspecting the units, wiping the hard drive clean, and reinstalling the operating system before they are given to a family. (Any name-brand system, Dell, HP, Sony, etc. will be fine). For Windows computers, the operating system must be Windows 7 or newer (Windows 7, Window 8 or Windows 10) and typically fewer than 6 years old. We have partnered with Fortress Computer Pros to handle the refurbishing and reinstallation for all systems. Fortress will accept older or non-functional systems for free electronics recycling, but only functional systems that meet the minimum requirements will be considered a donation.

    If you wish to donate a computer (s), please call our hotline ((760) 392-1551), so we can obtain information for our records and answer any questions you may have. We will request donors to deliver computers to:

    Fortress Computer Pros
    11305 Rancho Bernardo Road Suite 116, San Diego, CA 92127
    (858) 451-7020 --- www.fortresscomputerpros.com

    While we will accept peripheral equipment, such as printers, scanners, routers, external hard drives, etc., as part of a computer donation, we cannot accept these items as a stand-alone donation. Functioning items of this type are acceptable to MOM San Diego and we suggest that donors can deliver there. Please call San Diego Military Outreach Ministries. (MOM SD). Office Tel: (619) 461-4164.
  • Store Gift Cards
    Homefront San Diego is always in need of store gift cards. While we will gladly accept cards in any amount from all grocery stores, we prefer ones from the larger chains with many stores. We are in need of store cards (Walmart, Target, Von’s, Albertsons, Haggen, Ralph’s), that could be used to purchase food, baby items and other necessary items, as the needs arise (this makes it easier for the families to shop). An unfortunate truth is that we frequently reeive emergency food requests through our hotline and email. Cards can be mailed to: Homefront San Diego, Attention: Phyllis Barber, 2115 Park Blvd, San Diego, Ca 92101. 
  • Checks
    Homefront San Diego is always in need of funds to make magic happen for these military families in need. Every penny of your donation goes to a military families needs. Homefront San Diego is run 100% by volunteers who receive no compensation and provide their own facilities, equipment and vehicles. Your donation, in any amount, will go towards a number of services provided to our military families in need such as putting food on their table or simply repairing their vehicle so that it's safe to drive.

    Cash donations can be made with a check made out to the San Diego Navy League, with "Homefront San Diego" in the check memo line. This assures that we get credit for the donation.  Mail to : San Diego Navy League, Attn: Homefront San Diego, 2115 Park Blvd, San Diego, Ca 92101.

    Cash donations can also be made, by credit card, online, at our website www.homefrontsandiego.org . The upper left side of the homepage has a link "Click here to donate on-line". Also, on the right-hand side of the page, under "Online Donations" the same link, "Click here to donate on-line", appears. Click either link. This opens a Navy League page - with two choices for a donation online. In the Homefront San Diego section, fill out the amount to be donated and submit. Follow instructions to complete the donation.

Address for Donations

Homefront San Diego
Attention: Phyllis Barber
2115 Park Blvd
San Diego CA 92101
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Make checks payable to: NAVY LEAGUE Please Write "Homefront San Diego" in the memo line!!!

Send checks to:
San Diego Navy League
Homefront San Diego
Attn: Phyllis Barber
2115 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101