Offering a Hand Up to San Diego’s Military Families  

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Services Offered by Homefront San Diego

Homefront San Diego offers a wide range of services that are available to lower enlisted active duty Military and their families. All services are grant based, and you will never have to repay.

All info is confidential and the command will never be contacted.

Call 760-392-1551

  • Emergency Food
    Homefront San Diego provides Commissary or Grocery Store gift cards to meet the emergency food needs a family may have. There is no rank cut off for receiving food help.
  • Emergency Bill Payment help
    Homefront San Diego will help a family who is in need financially. We will aid the family with immediate help on the necessities (keeping a reasonably priced car out of repossession, paying a power bill to keep the electricity on when a family is outside of base housing, keeping a vehicle insured so that it's street legal, etc.). We will follow up this bill help with advice from our debt counselor who offers his time to Homefront San Diego referred families at no cost to either the family or Homefront San Diego.
  • Household Furniture
    Homefront San Diego will provide a family with needed furniture through the generous donations provided by the San Diego community. We ask that all donated furniture be "fit for a hero." Furniture available through this program includes but is not limited to: dining room sets, living room furniture, bedroom sets, etc. Mattress sets are provided once per family, but only to families who do not already have one (adults/parents receive a queen and children receive a twin). We cannot upgrade your current mattress. All furniture will be delivered to you by one of our transport volunteers. Delivery times will vary based on our drivers schedules and donor availability. Occasionally our furniture volunteers can arrange for a furniture transfer to take place directly between a family and a donor if both parties are agreeable. Wait times to receive a mattress set will vary based on current demand as these are ordered in bulk.
  • Baby Furniture
    Homefront San Diego will provide a family with needed baby furniture through the generous donations provided by the San Diego community. We only accept items that are current with safety standards so you can be assured that you will receive items that comply with these standards. Furniture available through this program includes but is not limited to: cribs, strollers, car seats, etc. Other items may be available based on available donations at any given time. Because of safety regulations, car seats are an item that we can only accept if new, so their availability will vary.
  • Vehicle Repairs
    Homefront San Diego may be able to repair a vehicle for a family at no cost to the family. Vehicle repair requests are reviewed on a case by case basis. Guarantee of repair cannot be given until one of our assigned shops has first evaluated the vehicle.

    Homefront San Diego will provide, at no charge to prequalified military families E5 or below, a wide range of car repairs. If you are a military family and need help with your car repair please call Homefront San Diego Hotline at 760-392-1551 to apply for assistance.
  • Donated Vehicles
    Homefront San Diego can provide a family that currently has no transportation with a donated vehicle. These vehicles are donated by the generous San Diego community and have been inspected and repaired if necessary to ensure their safety before the keys are handed over to a family.
  • Computers
    Homefront San Diego will provide a computer to any military family requesting one. You will receive the Operating System License along with the working unit. The working system (tower, monitor, mouse, and keyboard) are all donated by the San Diego community. All of the computers have had their hard drives wiped clean and are inspected to ensure they have all necessary components.
  • Food Distributions
    Homefront San Diego does not personally provide a regular food distribution, but we do work closely with 2 fellow organizations that do. Please refer to their websites to view their distribution schedules:
    • San Diego Military Outreach Ministries (MOM)
      Services all areas outside of Camp Pendleton . Warehouse is located on Camp Elliott . Distributions are done throughout the county in the various military housing communities. Link to either of the MOM websites: MOM San Diego .
    • Camp Pendleton Military Outreach Ministry (MOM)
      Warehouse is located on base at Camp Pendleton . Most distributions are done from their warehouse. MOM Camp Pendleton